Stephanie Kitchen M.S., LPC


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Stephanie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been practicing counseling and  pychotherapy for 25 years.  Her areas of interest and focus are relationships, anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, PTSD, managing stress and finding balance, discovering strengths and returning to physical, emotional and spiritual health, during or after difficult changes in life.

She has extensive experience with people recovering from the effects of domestic violence and sexual abuse and other traumas in childhood or adulthood. She has worked with perpetrators of domestic violence.

Stephanie believes that each person has the ability to rediscover who they are, how they became the person they are today, and find their own unique way to a healthier, more satisfying life, that feels less anxious, more deliberate and intentional. A counseling relationship facilitates growth, by helping to identify patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer work well, and shifting unhelpful habits to more adaptive, healthier ways of thinking and behaving that support the life and relationships you want.

Stephanie works with couples to identify patterns of relating that keep them stuck, helping each person in the couple see what they can change, and what they cannot change, so they can move toward a healthier, more satisfying and mutually supportive relationship. She has training and experience working with difficulties around sex and sexuality.